Logistics Platform

The Logistics Platform is a solution designed to meet the needs of planning, execution and control of operational and logistical actions, carried out by human and material resources in geographically definable times and places.

The activities to be carried out are represented in a structured way and linked to the resources responsible for carrying them out (vehicles, employees, equipment).

Each resource that contributes to the process is identified, classified and associated with a usage profile, both in terms of availability and deliverable capacity.

The context in which the actions take place is represented through the organization of the company and the physical and geographical structure of the places where the actions take place (maps of the territory, buildings, rooms, squares, warehouses, routes, routes).

The actions to be performed can be generated manually, automatically through planning algorithms, or by entities external to the platform itself, through booking/request functions available to external parties, or through direct integration with customer management systems and Partners).

Differentiated operational plans contain scheduled and ongoing operations, allocated over variable time horizons (instant, day, week, month, year).

Each Operation is subject to different levels of execution priority and is governed through a flow of states relating to the progress of the work.

The localization module, based on satellite technology, is fully integrated into the Platform, thus ensuring convergence between activity planning, navigation services and mobile communication.

The platform provides all the basic services that characterize a web oriented application, shifting the focus of the project on the customization of components rather than towards a “from scratch” development of the basic functions of a system. In particular:

The architecture allows the integration of new functions and verticalisations within a fully configurable operational scheme, to the advantage of reducing project times and costs. Extremely innovative, robust and flexible, the platform is characterized by full support for access via Web Browser, and by the availability of an extensive number of configuration possibilities, which allow complete customization to support even very different operational scenarios.

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