The BeeDEV platform is the result of a series of national and international projects that have strengthened our specific know-how in the context of processes relating to administration and production, logistics and transport up to the monitoring of the activities and operational processes of a company. The integration of these experiences has led to the creation of a generalized and integrated system of applications, services and technologies capable of adapting to individual operational needs.

The ability to quickly adapt to new businesses allows us to implement engineered software management, to the benefit of reducing project times and risks for the Customer.

The BeeDEV platform allows you to operate both upstream, in the delicate programming phase, and during the carrying out of the activities.

The operational flow is driven through a set of configurable states, which uses an integrated alert engine, capable of reporting particular situations that could occur during the activity (planned and actual routes, position, state of the mechanics, notification of arrival to depots/offices, alarms, emergencies). The system then interactively carries out flow controls and is able to automatically vary the status of the objects involved, requiring user intervention only in the event of unexpected events that cannot be managed in automatic mode.

The platform makes available all those basic services that characterize a web oriented application, shifting the focus of the project on the customization of components rather than towards a “from scratch” development of the basic functions of a system:

BeeDEV is used in SaaS mode, i.e. a software service created on an infrastructure accessible everywhere (Cloud). This model, in addition to allowing mobile access to all company management software, allows for effective remote support and an easy evolutionary process. It also allows the company to free itself from maintenance activities that go beyond its core business and keep IT infrastructure costs low with the guarantee of immediate scalability and proportional and timely costs.

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